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The New Parish

Alborosie: For the Culture U.S. Tour with F.Y.A.H. and Jwadi
April 05, 2024 9:00 pm (Doors: 8:00 pm )
Ages All Ages



“Music knows no boundaries,” announced David Rodigan on Alborosie's debut album. “Music is an international force, an international language. From Sicily to Kingston, Jamaica, this is Alborosie. Real, authentic reggae music.” 

Twelve years later and the Sicilian-born Alborosie headlines festivals around the world and has earned the respect of the entire reggae industry. A talented writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who sings as well as deejays, he’s lived in Kingston for over a decade and is now a leading light of Jamaica's resurgent music scene thanks to a series of widely acclaimed albums on Greensleeves. 

The latest is Unbreakable: Alborosie Meets The Wailers United, released on June 29th and that's shared with members of Bob Marley's former backing band The Wailers. 

“Bob Marley was one of my idols," says Alborosie. "He was the greatest in terms of spirituality, musicality, and everything else but this is about the Wailers, because they have a chemistry that goes beyond Bob. They are a legendary band and until the end of time, their name will always be there. That's why I call the album Unbreakable because it's the sound of the musicians themselves and when they come together, it's just magic."