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The New Parish


Hailing from all corners of Brooklyn, the collec5ve known as 41 is bringing a new energy to hiphop that will undoubtedly spark worldwide acclaim. Members Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa have all made noise in the streets individually, yet when they mobilize it’s a whole different playing field. The trio met over the course of their respec5ve careers, while they were forging their own paths and found a mutual commonality in the studio in the midst of Brooklyn’s burgeoning Drill movement. The unifica5on of the group formally happened with “41 Cypher,” a hard-hiMng posse cut that showed promise from all three ar5sts. Joined by other BK affiliates, the song truly proved what could happen when Kyle Richh, TaTa, and Jenn Carter volleyed bars amongst each other. It’s not hard to spot the chemistry that runs through 41. With Kyle Richh’s lyrical style, TaTa’s high energy, and Jenn Carter’s sharp wordplay, each member brings something different yet valuable to the table. With unique styles and unbridled teamwork, 41 is geared to make noise in Brooklyn Drill and beyond.. 

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Sunday 05/19
Show: 7:00 pm (Doors: 6:00 pm)
Ages All Ages
More Info Purchase Tickets $30.00 - $150.00